Who is that behind the camera?

Sarah White is a Minneapolis-based photographer who specializes in portraits, events, music and street culture. Self-taught, this hobby naturally morphed into a career, while spending 5 years in New York, camera always in hand. Sarah's work has been exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions in NYC & Minneapolis, and she is currently deepening her skills while pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. 

Why Fotos For Barcelona?

Initially, a blog was launched to raise funds to spend a month in Barcelona with a guitar and a camera in hand. That month was all the fuel she needed to make her dreams a reality and pursue photography full-heartedly. 

What makes this style UNIQUE ?

Hi. I specialize in candid emotions, in the memories you can't afford to forget and in the places others might not see. I'm equally passionate when it comes to shooting big named artists as I am with a very intimate home birth. Im not afraid to get creative with you and take risks, and my style is anything but traditional... 

The more you know, the more to love - - 

Sarah is a mother of two beautiful daughters, singer, dj, CYT, and has experience in curating events and collaborating in the fashion industry.

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